The Complete Process Of Developing Your Own Mini-Program


As the mini-program offers numerous advantages to the people, many people want to have one for themselves. Though it may seem harder to create one, especially in the design, it can make your life easier once you have it. For a Mini Program Development, you have to follow the three steps to make the process easier.

First, you need to have recognition as a company or as an individual to be eligible for having a mini-program. The criteria of mini-program are huge, and a lot of categories such as Customer acquisition platform are given. You can be from media, TV or radio station or have your own company to own a mini-program.

Steps You Can Follow To Develop Mini-Program

Step 1- Register Your Account

Firstly you must have an account to your name to develop a mini-program. To make this account, you can visit the official page of WeChat that will allow you to register yourself. There you will see the mini-program option. After clicking that, you will be asked to submit your details.

One of the most important documents you will have to submit is the license. This license will be of the occupation you claim to have to let the authorities know that it is a genuine person. Your identity will be verified before your application passes to other authorities.

You will need approval for your account, which may take 24 to72 hours. If you get the approval, it's time to get the developer's tools from the website. It will let you input the name you have in mind. If the Mini Program Development is for the business or any other activity that needs transaction, then resister for the WeChat pay.

Step 2- Get The Code Files Then Start Programming

Now the work you need to do is for the programming. Since the registration has been done, one needs to get the program's structure defined. Here are the files you will require while constructing the program.

  1. First, you need the Js script logic file as the initial code file. For the android applications, java code is used as the primary file.
  2. To set the program's layout, a layout WXSS file is used. Just like HTML is used to develop any web page layout.
  3. Now the layout is done, style your program with a WXSS file. If you have heard about CSS, you may know what it is like.

The official site provides a guide to follow to help the people who may feel lost in the development process.

Step 3- Send The Request For The Approval Of Prepared Mini Program

Since the Mini Program Development is done, the complete program with its layout needs to be approved. This approval will be given after the authorities of Wechat have reviewed it thoroughly. Therefore, you may have to wait for about 1-3 days for this approval.

The time taken by the authorities of the site is to check the program is not violating any rules set beforehand. Therefore, you can easily find the restrictions on the web and keep your program free from any problem-causing factors.

By following the steps mentioned above, you can easily create a mini-program very easily.